Manny Sarmiento was born in Havana, Cuba and migrated to Miami with his parents, sister and brother in 1968. Manny’s parents dedicated their lives to caring for their children and giving them a better life. 

Manny Sarmiento is the President and Co-Founder of the Doral Chamber of Commerce, Inc., a 501 (c)(6) non-profit, community professional service organization, founded on January 2008. Manny believes in “Mannyfying” your marketing! This means that your message, your work, your mission and your copy must include passion! To get better results in your Social Media Marketing or Conventional Marketing, “Mannyfy It”. Manny’s philosophy for the members of the Doral Chamber of Commerce and the businesses and residents of the City of Doral is “how can I help you”. 

New Media, New Marketing is an internet and Social Media Marketing consulting, outsourcing and education company, since 2009. It’s the only social media & internet marketing company with practical programs, including Social Media University, outsourcing education and Social Media Certification. Manny has been teaching Web Optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Marketing, WordPress and other marketing and business skills since 2007. 

Manny’s will provide “A Fresh Start for Doral with Leadership You Can Trust”.
He believes in the following:

  • Protecting our Children: Providing protection and a quality education in our schools, affordable after school programs, spring camps and summer camps and assuring the physical and mental wellness of all our children.
  • Supporting our Police: Speaking up for our men and women in blue and first responders. Including disavowing and rejecting talk of “defunding our police”. Providing proper funding for better salaries, benefits, PPE and wellness programs.

  • Supporting our Local Businesses: Making it easier and cheaper to get licenses and permits. Providing grants and other financial support, especially in times of crisis. Marketing our restaurants, hotels and our Doral Decor District to highlight the CIty of Doral as a world-class Dining and Entertainment Center, Design and Decor District, Golf Destination and the Best Place to Raise a Family!

  • Restoring Transparency: It is time to give our residents their city back. I will restore our council meetings back to evening hours so that our residents can have a voice in city business. I will ask for accountability and transparency from our council and staff and will work to break up cronyism on the council to make sure that we have a council and staff that has the best interest of our city in mind. 

  • Control Over-development: I will ask for a moratorium on building until we can re-examine the over-development that has occurred in the city during the current administration. Traffic issues in Doral can be fixed with very simple solutions. One of them is to control development of housing units without the proper infrastructure. We must go back and examine our Master Plan and return Doral to better planning, zoning and building.